Welcome to Glass Eye Supply! Featuring glass cabochons fused and/or painted in the studio of Merrikin Designs.


Merrikin Designs started in 1993 by Christine Musser (nee Merrikin). Frustrated by a lack of interesting artistic glass eyes to use in her own sculptures, she began to fuse and paint her own from glass eyes using material remaining from fused glass projects.

Offering a variety of clear and colored glass cabochons from sizes 6mm to 26mm. For those cabochons not a solid color, heat set enamels were used that are permanent and solvent safe. 100% painted by hand: no color photos or copies pasted. Safe for use with glue. Oven temperatures like those used for polymer clay are fine but do not use in applications hotter than 300 degrees.

The eyes are about 1/4 high with a magnified domed surface and flat bottom base which is painted black.  Because of the curved surface, the pupil of the glass eye seems to follow your movement regardless of angle viewed (see example here).

Items may be purchased from my Etsy store: GlassEyeSupply but custom orders are welcome. Inquiries may be sent to Christine Musser (artist/owner) at glasseyesupply@hotmail.com. Phone: 425-241-4484 (Pacific).

(Photo above shows an eye as placed in a needle felted sculpture).



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Below are a few soft sculptures created using the cabochons:

"Gremlin" by C. Musser using M003D eyes.

"Boneless Chicken" by C. Musser using custom eyes based off of Y002.

"Wererabbit" by C. Musser using M001E

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